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Author of "On The Banks Of River Sarayu"

On The Banks Of River Sarayu

Untold Stories of the Women of India

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Finalist of the 30th Annual MIPA Midwest Book Awards in Short Story/Anthology!
2020 International Book Awards Finalist in the category of Women's Issues!

New coming author, Bharati Sen, originally spent much of her childhood growing up in Myanmar and West Bengal. She completed a master’s degree in International Relations in India before moving to the United States. Much of her writing is inspired while living in the city of Kolkata, focusing on ordinary individuals and providing fascinating glimpses into the challenges of being a woman in India.  

Her debut book, On the Banks of River Sarayu, is a collection of short stories detailing the lives of hidden individuals, particularly women, living in the lower strata of Indian society, and describing the emotional and raging disparities that often lead to bittersweet endings. 

Bharati currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two sons. She is greatly involved in the Indian community and contributes to local magazines. 

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On the Banks of River Sarayu is a compilation of nineteen short stories reflecting the lives of hidden individuals, particularly women, living in the lower strata of Indian society. Each story introduces different characters who test the complex realities of identity, class, gender, and reveal a candid picture of humanity. From hopes and aspirations to disappointments and frustrations, the undercurrent of pathos is reflected in the bittersweet endings. These stories, endowed with complexities, delve deeper into the intricacies of human emotion.

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“With a deft eye for detail and description, Sen offers the reader a glimpse into the lives of women who are largely ignored by society.”

MEERA KLEIN, Author of the award-winning My Mother’s Kitchen: A Novel With Recipes and upcoming novel Seeing Ceremony.


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